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Joseph Ferland's photo.For those of you who don't know Tom was recently diagnosed with an aggressive stage 4 colon cancer. They said it was inoperable HOWEVER there are three surgeons in the country (one being in Boston) who perform a procedure where they remove everything they can and then bath the internal cavity with warm chemo over 2 hours. His recovery will be long and he will be in the hospital for 2 weeks. His surgery date is 12/1.

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Monday, 26 May 2014 19:00

Please send email to link below 

I must say I have to agree with James Feleen’s statement in the Eagle the other day that the rail

trail should benefit the entire community. However, unlike Mr. Feleen, I include ATV riders as

part of our community.

The legal question Mr. Feleen refers to came to light because of the agenda of a few that have

taken it upon themselves to get ATV riders off a trail that they have been using for 20 years or so

virtually without incident. Only because of this agenda and their correspondences with DOT and

other Concord agency officials has the issue come to the table as to whether or not motorized

wheeled vehicles are allowed to use a certain section of the rail trail. They have dug into the

funding and grant agency stipulations to find evidence that Claremont may not be in

compliance by allowing the ATV riders on the 2.7 mile section of trail being disputed. Because of

information that has surfaced the question of liability insurance has come up and the town

council members have done the right thing in making the decision not to allow the ATVs to use

the trail this season until they can get this all worked out and be assured that the town (all

Claremont citizens/taxpayers) is protected and proper liability insurance is in place. The council

stated at their last meeting that they will follow the recommendation to seek a waiver that will

allow ATVs to use this portion of the trail and put this argument to rest once and for all. I

recommend, unlike Mr. Feleen, that the waiver request move forward.

I see now that additional items on the “agenda” have come to light in anticipation that the ATVs

will be forever banned from the trail. We could pave it, James says. We could put in lighting. We

could put in benches. We could landscape the 2.7 mile trail. Hey, why don’t we plow it and salt

it in the winter months too, James?

Will Mr. Feleen pay the cost to convert the trail to the “green space” he speaks of? Will he

maintain it? Will he pick up the trash? Will he pay the electric bill every month for the lighting? I

imagine this will be a very expensive project that will come with ongoing costs. If James is not

going to pay for this in perpetuity, who is? Will the taxpayers be funding his agenda? What’s a

few more dollars out of everyone’s pockets, eh?

Another point I agree with Mr. Feleen on is that “the rail trail…should be utilized in a way that

benefits the entire community”. Yes, I couldn’t agree more and this should include those in our

community that ride ATVs.

This trail for the most part has been maintained, policed, and cleaned, by the SCATV club since

its existence. The club has worked hard over the years to secure funding from various agencies

to help with material costs and such. But the majority of the time and labor keeping the trail up

was donated by the members of the club at no cost to the city of Claremont.

The SCATV club has served Claremont well and will continue to do so if we leave things alone.

Many riders come to our city from all over New England. They bring revenue to our stores and

business. The sport brings families together. It gives our youth an activity that teaches them

road etiquette, driving skills, and mechanical aptitude. It keeps them occupied with good clean

fun. The SCATV club sponsors safety courses every year. People as young as 12 get certified and

learn to ride responsibly. During this 7-8 hour course they hear from the Fish & Game Warden

about laws and being a responsible rider. Golden

Cross is kind enough to come in and teach our young riders about 1st aid. The CPD has had

officers come to share the municipal laws around the privileges of riding the trails. All in all this

is good stuff to be teaching our youth.

Please send an email indicating your support in allowing the trail to remain accessible to ATVs to


This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . I am in favor of permanently allowing ATVs and other motorized

wheeled vehicles on our trail. I support the request for the waiver that the city council is

pursuing. I too will present your emails to the council.

Thank you,

Steve Neuser


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Written by mark carrier   
Thursday, 15 May 2014 11:08


After meeting with city council last night we did not get permission for the city rail trail. The reason being the Feds so we don't belong, Claremont says no proof.

Last year the club lost our grant money for that trail because of this. Not only do we get grant money to help maintain our trails but the landowner is covered by a $2,000,000 liability policy for that part of their property.  

If the city had given us permission and someone got hurt that policy might not cover if the feds jumped into a lawsuit and said trails not legal, because we were never suppose to be there in the first place. 

The city is going to put in a waiver to see if we can get permission, everyone I and the city has talked to seems to think that we have a good chance of getting it just because we have been there from the beginning. We have gotten grant monies from state agency. No proof on the feds part.

I know no one feels worse about this than the club, but we are here for the long haul. If we do get the waiver, the club will be asking for it back and it will be behind us forever..

Thanks  Mark Carrier

Trailadministrator SCATV  

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